Stephen Sondheim

Pigeons, Gravel Lot, 7th & Market Streets (01/12)


wall, Chinatown, summer 2011


smiling, light in glasses


w/ halo (2 of 2)


"The Pennsylvanian," Philly to DC, 7/5/11


Stephen Sondheim often says (because he is often asked, and this is leaving aside a commentary on even the misplaced nature of the question in the first place), in relation to whether Sweeney Todd is an opera, vs. a musical theater work, that the answer simply depends on whether it’s being performed in an opera house, or in a theater.  Same with photography, I’ve been thinking.  The character of the image is influenced by the environment it inhabits.  Yesterday similarly, we were talking about how inhabiting a space changes the nature of the space, and I think it was like, particle physics experiments or something – where they were observing sub-atomic collisions, and it was proven (?) that the mere act of observing a given collision changes its very nature.  It is simply impossible to know what the same collision might have yielded in the absence of the additional element.  Very Buddhist.  And so it is with photography.




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