I had a sort of waking daydream recently in which I was held up by a guy pointing a gun at me, but was also able to slow down time, so that each time I […]

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When I can remember to, sometimes I like to pretend that wherever I am, I have never, ever been there before, like a child on vacation, never ever seen it before.  Because in fact, in […]

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The way we see ourselves, and how we view others, depends upon just how wide of a canvas we’re laying out; how much background information we’re letting into the picture.  There’s nothing objective or “final” […]

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On the subway recently, I thought it would be an interesting thing to see if instead of seeing with my eyes, or sensing my surroundings as we normally do, whether I could feel or sense […]

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[in brackets]

Even “untitled” is still a title.  (Doubtful that this is a new revelation.)  As a verb, it almost suggests that maybe there was a title, and the title was un … done.  Taken back.  Like […]

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Chuck Close. Close, Closer …

Originally in this space I’d written about some stuff pertaining to the nature of form and consciousness and all that, and had used Chuck Close’s portraits as a metaphor for explaining this.  Reading it over, […]

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Just … that.

Just … observing …

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Newt Romney

  I think it’s not a bad idea to be reasonably prepared for the end of the line, at least, this go-around …  From time to time when I can remember to, I look around […]

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“Taking” pictures is a misnomer, I hope.  I noticed that Zoe Strauss says “making pictures.”  That’s a smart solution.  Maybe there are others too.  There is also an ethical question about presenting (or even taking/making/recording) […]

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The Luminous Nature of the Altruistic Mind

To caption, or essay, or not to; to neither.  That’s been a question for a while.  The analysis is rather complicated.  Why pollute a perfectly good empty space?  What comes first – the thought, or […]

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