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your move*

Patrick and Tyren.  They are waaaaay better than these photos show.  The ones where they’re really doing the craziest stuff and completely vertical were better than I was … I wasn’t able to capture those […]

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everything is radiance

    Everything is radiance. You don’t have to do anything else, add anything extra. Everything is radiance. It doesn’t mean there isn’t pain; there is pain. It just means, what it is. Everything is […]

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what would it be like to commit to practicing nonviolence for one day?  for one hour?  for one whole minute, even?  taking care not to offend or to project upon others something unwanted, even for […]

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Foggy Morning w balloon

(please click images to view in high res.)         I don’t know how the balloon got there.  It seemed almost like a crime scene to me.  click click.   Why was the […]

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sky blues

  feltonville, hunting park avenue, ~fox st., reservoir  ~east falls, feb. 25. 2012

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Photographers are like surfers, but instead of the perfect wave, looking for the perfect light, willing to go anywhere to try and catch a ride, for even just a moment; see what it has to […]

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absence / presence.


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hello, love …

yes, you, love …    

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baroque obama

(Click on an image to see it in high res!)   Which one?  I don’t know, maybe the second to the last at the moment.  When there are precise enough tools to map our brains, […]

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A lot of good advice out there …    

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